"You Are Art" Mural, September 2023

"You Are Art" Mural, September 2023

This mural was so special for me to paint and will forever be one of my favorite projects! “You Are Art” is a reminder that everyone is beautifully created and has a unique and beautiful purpose. You are here for a reason. There is no one like you and you have a voice and gift to share with the world. You are so loved. You are ART.

My hope for this mural is that viewers would take a moment to pause and observe something vibrant that, even in a small way, ignites the creative spark inside them and reminds them of their true worth. I am so immensely grateful to be able to share this artwork and I am so proud of how it turned out.

Thank you to Downtown Alpena for trusting me with this piece and allowing me to leave my mark again!

This mural is located on an electrical box on 3rd Avenue in Downtown Alpena, Michigan as a part of Downtown Alpena’s 2023 Fresh Waves Mural Project, supported by a grant from Michigan Arts and Culture Council.

Painted in September 2023.

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